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Live Webinar
Fire Resistance Rated Assemblies Using Engineered Wood Products

February 16, 2023
1:00 pm EST

This course provides specifiers with the knowledge to properly design floors & walls utilizing I-joists in Multifamily/Light-Commercial buildings requiring fire-rated assemblies. Type III construction and the code surrounding FRT are addressed. The course also reviews the wall-to-floor intersection and how to utilize resources to address that area.

Learning Objectives:

Learning Objectives (you will be able to):

1. Summarize the differences between “flame spread” and “fire-resistance-rated floor and wall assemblies”

2. Summarize the ASTM E119 fire endurance testing process & protocols to comply with IBC codes

3. Recall what the International Building Code says about Type III construction and the use of FRT

4. Produce at least two non-FRT IBC code compliant alternatives for Type III wall-to-floor intersections

5. Compare different methods of framing in relation to fire separation requirements in Type III construction

6. Explain common misconceptions surrounding fire code and engineered wood products